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Next event : June 6th 2023, as part of the Brussels Blockchain Week 2023

Crypto Movie

Join the oldest belgian community around crypto
We will watch a documentary together, and then discuss it around a beer.
Open to anyone


Putterie 20,
1000 Bruxelles


Movie + discussion

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Tokens & Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed, and oftentimes public, digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that any involved record cannot be altered retroactively.

That's what we are discussing at Blockchain Brussels events.

Past Events
Crypto Beer
Tue, May 23 · 6:30 PM

Crypto Beer
Dolle Mol
Fri, Nov 19 · 8:00 PM

Bitcoin Café
Citizen Corner
Thu, Aug 19 · 7:30 PM

Wed, Jun 30 · 7:15 PM

Topics Covered

Whether you’re new to the blockchain field or a seasoned pro you’ll connect with crypto enthousiats and make valuable new friends.

Social Impact

We meet in a friendly and informal way, to discuss any kind of subjects related to blockchains, ranging from technical aspects such as cryptographic concepts and software implementations to high-level reflexions, as the social impact to expect on our societies.


A cryptocurrency wallet is a software or a physical device, or even an online service which stores the public and private keys used by cryptocurrencies users to initiate, sign qnd broadcast transactions.

Distributed Consensus

Achieving overall system reliability in the presence of a number of faulty processes is a challenge. Requirements for a consensus protocol may include Agreement, Strong validity and Termination: All processes must eventually decide on an output value.

Initial Coin Offering

ICOs is a process in which a project attempts to raise capital by selling a new cryptocurrency.

Public / private blockchain

Open, boderless, censorships resistant blockchains has always been the main source of interest in the crypto world. However, some consortium projects or private initiative might be of heigh interest.

UX and Adoption

User experience is still poor in a lot of blockchain based products. As the audience is widening, more and more softwares are putting effort in the User Interface to increase adoption by the general public.

Time left until the event starts

6th June 2023, Brussels, Belgium

2023-06-06 18:00


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Tuesday 6th June. 6:30 PM

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Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions for you.

Blockchain Brussels is Belgium’s first and biggest community of blockchain and crypto believers. It is also one of the oldest European meetup around Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based applications. Created in 2013, we organise events, conferences, gatherings and workshops for crypto users and blockchain experts on a regular basis.
We are building a blockchain community from the ground up in Belgium. We’re providing an inclusive forum for software developers of all levels, Crypto Enthusiasts and general public interested in Bitcoin to improve their understanding of distributed ledger technology and its social impact.
The aim is to bring together people that are interested in cryptocurrencies in the widest possible sense; to promote discussions among people from different fields of expertise, having different backgrounds and therefore different perspectives. The goal is to find common interests to be explored further, practically creating any kind of experimentation, vulgarization, or business opportunities. We target any kind of audience, whether you have strong expertise to share, you are totally new and curious, or even just want to pass by to have a beer and say hello!
Yes. We’re looking for sponsors to join us in growing our blockchain community and build long term partnerships. You can find all the details in the sponsorship document
You can apply here. You can also have a look at the sponsorship opportunities.
Depending on current events and new blockchain projects, as well as the interest of our members, we organized in the past presentation sessions dedicated to topics such as :
  • Privacy and fungibility inn blockchain : a focus on Monero
  • Blockchain for energy
  • Altcoin and Bitcoin 2.0 platforms
  • Cryptocurrencies and Belgian taxation
  • Hardware wallets and cold storage solutions

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